We are really excited to have been granted Outline Planning permission on two schemes in Devil’s Tower Road. This area is currently a changing face for the new thoroughfare and gateway into Gibraltar and we are really happy to be a part of that story. These were the main design drivers for the scheme which we hope will be a positive addition to the area and Gibraltar:

–        Introduction of trees and greenery into Devil’s Tower Road streetscape creating a much needed natural barrier.

–        Glazed facades on lower storeys housing commercial and active frontage uses, introducing life into the new thoroughfare.

–        The proposed vertical gardens on the east and west facades serve as interactive gathering spaces, creating a catalyst for community interaction founded on sustainability and well-being.

–        Angular set back balconies to create variety and depth of form to the facades.

We look forward to progressing with this project and developing the design in detail, pushing the boundaries of sustainability and design.