The Natural Learning centre was created by the Gibraltar Botanic Gardens in 2013. Its aim is to encourage children of all ages to discover the wonders and beauty of the natural world around them and offer opportunities for them to learn about the environment and how best to care for it. The Gibraltar Botanic Garden’s aim was to help create a new Education Zone and Biodome for the clubs and organisations to have their own facilities and a separate access point.
Befitting to its context our Design was based on naturally occurring hexagonal formations. The design sits comfortably within its natural landscape and promotes the use of sustainable materials and construction approach.
Gamma is delighted to be involved be involved in a philanthropic capacity, helping create opportunities for our next generation to be in touch and learn about nature. We are grateful and happy with our success as a team and see this a way of giving back to the society that has helped support us.
We are currently working on detailed construction drawings in close liaison with the contractor.