Over the past 25 years the existing Cepsa PFS has welcomed and serviced countless residents
and visitors to the Rock. The relocation to the new British Lines Road presents a unique
opportunity to improve this service with state-of-the-art facilities and design.
The proposals recognised the site’s prominence as part of the new gateway to Gibraltar. As such,
the external design and finishes were given special consideration in its future surrounding
context. The contemporary design featuring curved corners envelopes the building and canopy in
a highly durable and easy to maintain materials.
The site will be capable of storing 400,000 litres of fuel in total, including four USTs of petrol with
a capacity of 40,000 l each, totaling 160,000 l) and six USTs of diesel (with a capacity of 40,000
l each, totaling 240,000 l).
The design incorporates a prefabricated industrial Retail Building that integrates the CEPSA main
corporative values: innovation (a new sales experience generation), technology (transmission of
that experience throughout the customer interaction), quality (implementation and maintenance
cost reduction), design (great visual impact effects and functional spaces), efficiency (life cycle
improvement), versatility (adaptability in terms of use and distribution and changes facilities to
increase the life of the construction).